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Confucius in his lifetime did indeed inspire in his immediate disciples a feeling and emotion of unbounded admiration, love, and enthusiasm, and, after his death, has inspired the same feeling and emotion in all great men who have studied and understood him. But Confucius even while he lived did not inspire, and, after his death, has not inspired in the mass of mankind the same feeling and emotion of admiration, love, and enthusiasm which the founders of all the great religions in the world, as we know, have inspired. The mass of the population in China do not adore and worship Confucius as the mass of the population in Mohammedan countries adore and worship Mohammed, or as the mass of the population in European countries adore and worship Jesus Christ. In this respect Confucius does not belong to the class of men called founders of a religion. In order to be a founder of a religion in the European sense of the word, a man must have an exceptionally or even an abnormally strong emotional nature. Confucius indeed was descended from a race of kings, the house of Shang, the dynasty which ruled over China before the dynasty under which Confucius lived_a race of men who had the strong emotional nature of the Hebrew people. But Confucius himself lived under the dynasty of the House of Chow_a race of men who had the fine intellectual nature of the Greeks, a race of whom the Duke of Chou, the founder, as I told you, of the pre-Confucian religion or religion of the old dispensation in China was a true representative. Thus Confucius was, if I may use a comparison, a Hebrew by birth, with the strong emotional nature of the Hebrew race, who was trained in the best intellectual culture, who had all that which the best intellectual culture of the civilisation of the Greeks could give him. In fact, like the great Goethe in modern Europe, the great Goethe whom the people of Europe will one day recognise as the most perfect type of humanity, the real European which the civilisation of Europe has produced, as the Chinese have acknowledged Confucius to be the most perfect type of humanity, the real Chinaman, which the Chinese civilisation has produced — like the great Goethe, I say, Confucius was too educated and cultured a man to belong to the class of men called founders of religion. Indeed, even while he lived Confucius was not known to be what he was, except by his most intimate and immediate disciples.

Гу Хунмин, The Spirit of the Chinese People (1915)

неизвестный автор

при дворе сына Шуньчжи, Канси: уже лучше в плане маньчжурского костюма, но тоже не без труда в остальном..

сидеть на вторичной литературе - как в бухте, не выходя в плаванье.

вот - сунувшись в первичную (не CTP), а Сыку цюаньшу:

旨 = 㫑 = 㫖 = 𠤔 = 𠩊 = 𠮛 = 𡱔 = 𣅀 = 𣅌 = 𤮻 = 恉

вашу душу. источник
31st-May-2014 06:16 pm(no subject)

Гунъян чжуань: "Единорог-цилинь - животное, [обладающее чутьем к] человеколюбию. Оно появляется, когда в мире возникает подлинный правитель, и не показывается, когда такого нет. Конфуцию сообщили, что видели "кабаргу безрогий олень - с рогом". Конфуций сказал: "Зачем, зачем он пришел?!" Закрыл рукавами лицо и залил слезами свои одеяния."

18th-May-2014 10:10 pm(no subject)

свежачок в английской вики: Imperial examination in Chinese mythology

12th-May-2014 08:43 am - последить

и т.д. в статье Rangaku
18th-Apr-2014 12:41 pm - 彗星

красота в моем понимании))

Divination by Astrological and Meteorological Phenomena, ханьский манускрипт ок. 168 до н.э., каталог комет
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